Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of learning music online vs. in person?

Learning music online is the most convenient way to learn music. With online learning becoming more common, adding online music lessons is a great way to round out a complete learning program. In person lessons and classes are also great when they are available and if they are done through quality programs and teachers and are a great compliment to online music education. Our online lesson do allow flexibily, repetition, they are cost effective, they bring in fun things like sounds, stories, examples, activities, original music and more.

What will my child learn?

We offer a lot of music instruction for your child. First we have piano lessons, drum lessons and ukulele (more coming soon). We also offer lessons in music theory, recognizing notes, song forms and patterns, high and low sounds, reading music through counting, singing and clapping, recognizing the sounds of various instruments and instrument families (string, wind etc.), slow and fast, the emotions that different types of music and musical sounds evoke and much more. The great thing is that your child can learn an instrument AND learn a lot more about music, that will help them on their instrument. OR, if they aren't ready to play an instrument, are younger, or aren't sure what instrument to choose, they don't have to do our instrument lessons, there's tons more to learn about music than just our instrument lessons!

Do you offer support and guidance for parents who want to be involved?

Yes! There are a few ways you and your children can approach using My Music Workshop. You can let your child work at their own pace and enjoy a variety of lessons and activities as they choose to navigate the lessons area. You can also follow our "Pre-Planned Lessons" that contain a few musical concepts and are paced correctly for children. We also offer lots of worksheets, musical downloads and more that parents can use help their child. Feel free to reach out to us in our Contact Us area with any other questions about getting your child involved in music and helping them on their musical journey.

How do I cancel my membership?

We are sincerely sad when our members cancel and we're sorry to see you go. If you choose to cancel your membership, just click "Account/Login" in the bottom right hand corner of the footer (on the non lesson pages).

Clicking account will open your member profile - and depending on your membership, you can either cancel directly from the dashboard or you will be directed to our Contact Page and asked to submit a cancel request there.

Is this a replacement for Private Lessons?

Yes and no. My Music Workshop works well alongside private instrument lessons or on its own. My Music Workshop is convenient for families because lessons can be done at home, at a child's own pace and can be repeated. We also offer real music to practice to in our "Jam Alongs." In addition, we have loads of other musical lessons that teach things like reading music, instrument exploration, rhythm, patterns, songs and a whole lot more. These are a great compliment to our instrument lessons. We also have tons of content for younger students as well who are musical but not old enough to start private instrument lessons.